Teddy bear, the problem solver.

Yesterday’s code sucks. Tomorrow’s will be better.

Software Is Written By People

We are human beings, writing software for other human beings. The code we write is on a continuum, looking back we judge our code with the knowledge we have today. We see our flaws, and they gnaw at us. With diligence we continually improve.

When we commoditize software development, and drive the humanity from it, we drive away its potential for excellence and delight. Let’s not do this.

Diligence, Consistency

This diligence is one of the telling signs of a software development professional. In a field that can be so full of chaos, there are practices that bring quality and professionalism to our work. Bring a calm awareness, empathy and forgiveness for yourself and your team.

How Stacey Helps

I help software teams adopt, learn and consistently utilize technical practices, build an internal culture of software craftsmanship, and connect with the humanity and diversity of the people around us.

You want your team to build better software. They want to build better software. Let’s together find a way to make that happen for you.